January 10, 2018

Financial Sozo

Financial Sozo LogoFinancial Sozos are individual sessions that focus on

  • breaking unhealthy financial cycles and beliefs related to money,
  • work through questions of purpose or identity,
  • identify root causes of being stuck financially, and
  • help dreamers create realistic plans for achieving those dreams.

In a Financial Sozo, we help you work through a series of questions you ask directly to God, then reinforce and affirm what you believe the LORD is saying to you. What happens is a wonderful exchange. The Lord will lovingly highlight the lies and faulty beliefs holding you back in your financial journey. He will then bring healing to those areas and reveal the truth needed to bring lasting change in your life.

All the wonderful truths are documented for you and we help you create a personalized Action Plan to move forward. We have no other agenda than to follow the promptings of God and encourage you in developing the capacity to carry wealth well.

Stephen K. De Silva is the founder of Financial Sozo, and has successfully combined the powerful Sozo tools (founded by his wife Dawna De Silva and friend Teresa Liebscher) with financial coaching to create a unique blend that brings true financial freedom.

Remember, when the LORD speaks, he will always align with scripture, it will always be in love, it will be uplifting and encouraging, and it will bring you life.

If you need more information or have questions, please email us:

Financial Sozo is authorized by Stephen K. De Silva (Prosperous Soul) Ministries and is offered in Canada under the covering of the SunWest Church Sozo Ministry. We work together with this ministry and offer our sessions in person at the SunWest Ministry Centre Monday nights by appointment only.

SunWest Christian Fellowship Ministry Centre
239 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Chris and Kathy are both part of Stephen K. De Silva’s Financial Sozo Core Team and are certified to lead Financial Sozos.

A session takes 90 to 120 minutes and can be done as a couple. The typical payment is $150 per session which helps subsidize Biblical Finance courses, outreach programs, and team training. Due to the nature of this ministry, we do recommend that you (and your spouse) have a Regular Sozo first – it just works better this way.

50% discount for Groundwork students


Stephen De Silva offers one-on-one meetings for all of his ministry avenues on-line through Skype or Zoom. Consulting, coaching, or training – he’s the master and you are welcome to go directly to him if you prefer.